Adjust frame rate for SD MPEG2 videos?

Most of my content is MKVs of HD and seem to select the correct frame rate of 24 (or 25 in one odd case - which is correct).

I still have a bit of SD content however and I’ve noticed recently tend to be stuttering from time to time. Media info generally says the frame rate for these is 23.976 though Kodi seems to be auto selecting 60hz. Is that normal?

I have adjust refresh rate on start/stop set which seems to work fine for HD content. Stuttering seems to be reduced (eliminated?) for these files if I lock the display to 23.976 though obviously sub optimal to leave it set that way given my mix of content.


Can we see a log to see what’s happening?
SD content is easy to play back; so you could change hardware acceleration to ‘HD and up’ and this will likely fix your problem promptly



Hi Sam,

Already on HD and up. Select hardware always doesn’t appear to effect anything significantly.

Log uploader: baximugaca

MediaInfo suggests 23.976, KODI player info overlay states 29.97 and TV is set to 60Hz.

…and by set to 60Hz for the TV, I mean that’s what it switches to (not that it’s locked to 60Hz)…

It’s not a Kodi debug log so hard to get a lot of information. If you’re saying that the video also switches your display to 60Hz when hardware acceleration is disabled, then the issue is likely with the file itself rather than OSMC.


Don’t know whay that wasn’t a debug log?? I had debugging set…

As near as I can work out:-
Region 1 DVD sourced MKV with 23.976 MPG2 stream and I presume the 3:2 pull down flag set intended to yield a doubled 60Hz output on a DVD player. Player process screen on KODI reflect 29.97Hz. Seems a shame as I have a 24hz video stream that it has to be mangled to 60Hz however that’s DVD I guess, however the bigger problem is that it’s playing juddery on the current version of OSMC and that can’t be right.