Adjust refresh rate not working as expected

I replaced a shield with the vero 4K and I am quite happy for the most part.
Interface is set to 1080p/60 and adjust refresh rate is on.
4K plays fine with 23,976 or 24 depending on source.
But 1080p/25 plays as 1080p/50 and 1080p/23,976 as 1080p/60.
Any day where I could have gone wrong?

And while asking is there any way to output 576p natively?

Can you post a debug log when this happens so we can take a look?

Can do it hopefully tomorrow. Wife has the telly now;-)

Made some steps in the right direction.
Problem seems to only happen in interlaced material.
I started the library with UHDs and concert videos and many of them are interlaced.
Regular BR movies work.
I had heavy banding on the Exodus UHD and installed the patch and set the vero 4K to 444 10bit which fixed the banding.
Unfortunately that is to much for the TV when output is at 60p.

A log or sample will give some clues, as the Adjust Refresh Rate option should be working

It is working for all progressive video.
For interlaced video framerate is doubled, e.g. 2*29,97 which is to much for the TV when using 444,10bit. My Samsung supports YCbCr 4:2:2 at 50/60hz with 10/12 Bits.
If it should be possible to output 1080/29,97i as 1080/29,97p then I will provide wanted logs, but if having the framerate doubled during deinterlacing is correct then logs will not help.
AC/DC Live At Donington is 23,976p and plays fine with 444,10bit set. B.B. King Live At Montreux is 29,97i and is not played by the Samsung. It is sound only (because it is routed through a Denon Amp).

Not using 444,10bit Leads to banding on UHD movies. Since I enjoy playing around with my concerts a lot just to enjoy when there isn‘t much time I don‘t want to change the output format all the time. Maybe I should only use my Michael Schenker UHD;-)

You can override frame rates in Kodi’s advancedsettings. This is sometimes done for Live TV or interlaced content.

Ok, thank you.


Should do Trick?

If now I could get 576p as autoresolution the vero4k will be perfect (until I need Dolby Vision).

We are working on adding support for output at the native resolution.

Here is an example for Live TV to prevent 2:2 pulldown


We have no plans for Dolby Vision support at this time.

Thanks again. I am happy!
Compared to the Shield everything works (Now), auto framerate/resolution/colourspace. And compared to The Apple TV it can do Atmos/DTS:X.
Only the Kodi movies wall was faster on the Shield, but it is good enough for.
I guess next week I will retire my Popcorn.
DV is still far away for now.

There is a bit of performance to yet be realised in the next update or two.