Advice on how to control Vero over wifi

I am in A/V sales and use the Vero 4k with some movie clips stored on flash drive to demo home theater systems. Problem I have run into is sometimes the equipment rack is in another room so RF remote doesn’t reach. I can’t rely on connecting to a network. Is there a way to use wifi peer to peer and app to control it?

The first thing that comes to mind is Yatse or Kore, for Android. There is one for iPhone too, just dont remember the name, since I’m no Apple person. Those all expects that the mobile device is one the same Wifi as the Vero4k(+).

Since I believe that isn’t an optimal solution in a business network, but I’m guessing you are in Bluetooth range of the Vero4k(+) when running demos? I’ve got hooked on “Serverless Keyboard Mouse Pro” by AppGround IO on Googles playstore. Costs around 3 US$, and it’s a rather nice app. I think they got a keyboard only for free(ad’s galore), but it lacks some of the nice features the Pro version has, like custom layouts of buttons.

Try it out, google are rather good at refunds within 30 mins of purchase.

Is bluetooth any greater distance than RF?

With the OSMC remote one should probably normally expect about 30ft excepting mitigating factors such as radio interference, walls, etc. Bluetooth using the built in adapter should do more but I don’t know by how much.

I would first try plugging a 6-10ft USB extension cable and plug the remote dongle into that and mount it higher up on a wall or at the top of your rack and see if that gets you working well enough without all the complications.

I would definitely try the Yatse app (if your phone can run it).

Vero4k can run as Hotspot

True, but I was assuming that any smart device running an application would already be connect to company’s wifi, there of BT suggestion. The elevated RF dongle was another good option

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I tried enabling hot spot and there is option for Ethernet to WiFi or WiFi to Ethernet. I won’t have Ethernet connected to it and I won’t be connected to a WiFi network so it doesn’t appear to create the hotspot SSID that I could then connect my phone to so I can control.

I am not an expert on it but I would believe it would not need a Ethernet plugged in to use “Ethernet to WiFi” to enable the Hotspot.

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