Advice to buy 5ghz wifi adapter

hi guys.
i have bought a rpi2 for my bedroom and it came with the little rpi 2.4ghz wifi mini adapter.
the problem is that i have a mobile signal booster in the house as the mobile signal is very bad.
now it looks like that signal booster is creating a bad interference on the 2.4ghz frequency because when it’s on i can not stream anything on the rpi. as soon as i start the stream the ping to my router goes as high as 3000ms. if i switch the booster off it is much better, the ping is only about 300ms but i guess that’s because the little wifi adapter has virtually no antennas.
so i am looking to buy a 5ghz capable wifi adapter for the pi and if anyone is using one please let me know the make and model to work with a rpi2 and osmc.
thank you very much.

We will begin selling a 5Ghz dongle in just over a week.


nice one :slightly_smiling:

Is the dongle on sale at the moment 5Ghz or is the 5Ghz version still on it’s way ?

Couldn’t see any details in the store


The current dongle is 802.11n 150Mbps (so single band 2.4Ghz). It’s good, but obviously the 5Ghz dongle will be better. We won’t be discontinuing the current one however as the new one will be more expensive and not always necessary.

There have been some production delays with the new dongle. I will let you know when they go on sale.


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