Aeon Madnox on the Vero 4K

Hello all,
I’m interested in getting a Vero 4K.
Right now I use a ChromeBOX and a NUC D34010WYK (for 3D movies).
I use the skin Aeon Madnox on both.
It’s a pretty demanding skin and I was wondering if any of you are using it and how it performs on the Vero?

Or if someone feels kind enough and has a few minutes to spare :smile: Maybe you could give it a try and report?

Thanks in advance for any help I can get :slight_smile:

I’ll test it tomorrow. I’m using AeonNox currently which is quite demanding too (have background images for both tv series and movies in loop).

I set the gui @ 1080p though, since there is really no need to set it @ 4k.

The GUI shouldn’t set at 4K, but rather 1080p for best image quality.


Hey dude, have you had a chance to test out Madnox?

Doesn’t work here unfortunately…

What do you mean?
You couldn’t install it or it’s not running well?

I downloaded the skin and tried to install it, it does but then when I select it it reverts to the previous one.

Try manually change it in guisettings
The skin flips back if you choose not to keep it. That sounds like what’s happening here


Nope, the skin doesn’t even change. I probably forgot a required add-on, will check logs.

Are you sure it’s enabled?
Go to the Addons section of Kodi, find the skin, and enable it
My add-ons > Look and Feel > Skin > Aeon Madnox

Thank you very much for taking the time to try to help me out, TheHacker…

Yeah I enabled it :slight_smile:

Found the culprit:

'resource.images.studios.coloured' required by 'skin.aeon.madnox' is missing.
'' required by 'skin.aeon.madnox' is missing.
'' required by 'skin.aeon.madnox' is missing.
'script.toolbox' required by 'skin.aeon.madnox' is missing.

Will install these and test it again when i get home this evening :+1:t2:

Tried to download the Krypton zip from Github but it always fails to install.

I also read that it’s experimental, not really ready for everyday use.

I’ve been using Madnox on Krypton for months now on my 2 boxes and I can assure you it’s not experimental.
Anyway, thanks for giving it a try!
I will probably order the Vero and hope for the best!

I ordered a Vero 4k yesterday as my Intel NUC is becoming sluggish. I have been using Aeon Madnox on my NUC for about 2 years now. It’s easily the best skin I’ve ever seen and the little differences in style, menus and displays are perfect…so this thread will become useful for both of us it seems. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks

I got my Vero 4k a few days ago and I’ve been testing Aeon Madnox since then and I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised!
Of course it is not as smooth as my ChromeBOX (wish it would do 4K UHD) was but it’s night and day compared to the Odroid C2.
The C2 was sooo sluggish with Madnox it was unusable. The Vero only lags a bit compared to the ChromeBOX. Mostly when the box is restarted and you want to access a menu for the first time, you get a black screen for a few seconds and then you see your library or whatever.

My only issue with the Vero 4k is when I fast forward or rewind a video. If I go to 8x for too long, I just get a black screen and I have to stop the video and resume it. And that happens to 720p or 1080p videos, so it’s not like if it was high bitrates files…
Issues I never had with the ChromeBox or my NUC…

Anyway, so far I’m very pleased with the box and looking forward to the coming 3D Frame Packed!

A bit OT, but i just tried Aeon Nox Silvo and it’s pretty awesome, i like how you can customize almost everything.

Are there any major differences between Silvo and Madnox? Thx!

Are you using the gui set at 4k? If so, change it to 1080p, it will be smoother and you won’t see any difference.

Lots and lots more bells and whisles with Madnox.

My GUI is set to 1080p

I don’t have any problems with Madnox really. I have set random wallpapers for tv series and movies and it’s still smooth.

Regarding fast forward and rewind, they are broken in Kodi, not OSMC.