Afraid to buy vero 4k+ in 2021

I guess I am having fomo on 4k+ because the device is at least 2 years old at this point and knowing my luck, I know that 3 weeks after I bought my model a new model will be introduced and shipped like 2 months later. So ye I actually need a box, since sony x900 is really slow with kodi, even crashes sometimes not sure what to do.

We haven’t updated the hardware because it is meeting all of our user’s current requirements and we want to push it further from a software perspective.

Of course there will be a new model, but we don’t announce future products in advance, and it won’t be soon.

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Alright I hear you. Could you recommend me a hdmi audio/video splitter that certainly works with Vero 4k+?
Sonys firmware sucks so much, I don’t want even use its arc hdmi as bypass/proxy

HDFury equipment will work – but may not be the cheapest.

Others may have better suggestions.


I haven’t actually tested either with a Vero 4K+ but the HDFury AVRKey and Egreat H10 are both popular options in the larger AV community.

As far as product lifespan is concerned, OSMC promised that the 4K+ would continue to be supported for at least four years after its launch, so it’s not going to become obsolete any time soon. (The fact that they are only now just about to stop developing for the Vero 2 - which is two models older - should reassure you that they mean that).

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You might be looking for something a bit fancier, but I’m using this one to switch the Vero between a 4K TV and 4K projector. Works perfectly.

Nice find but no 4k60hz support - unsurprising for that money.

It’s not hard to find an HDMI splitter that’s reasonably cheap - I use one of these:

It might do what he wants - it has the ability to downscale 4K video to 1080p on either or both inputs, and it’s quite reliable. But if you want something that is specifically designed to split the audio and video signals apart and send them to separate outputs, that’s a bit more specialised.

EDIT: The specific issue you tend to have in the audio/video splitter case is handling the EDID correctly. You need something that can combine the video EDID from one output with the audio EDID from the other, and send the combined version back to the source. Most splitters either send a “lowest common denominator” EDID (so everything is compatible with both outputs) or they simply send the EDID from one of the two outputs and ignore the other - they don’t let you blend them correctly.

This seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

@sam_nazarko can we have all this stuff in the next Vero pretty please? (Jk, I know that the numbers speak against that)

I’m no expert and you’re right that the listing does explicitly state that it doesn’t pass 4k at 60hz, but both my displays seem to be receiving at 60hz?! Weird.

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