After 19.3 update, vero4k+ reboots causing tv to come on expectantly

I will wake up or come home to the tv on and vero displaying dimmed. I’ve tried to downgrade back to the last update via usb and sd card. I can’t either to take load. What am I missing to make it boot off of the usb or sd card. Both are fat32 formatted.


Please could you provide logs showing the issue, so we can help resolve:

As for the usb/sd card not loading, how are you writing the image?

Thanks Tom.

I was just sliding it over. Do I need to actually write it with etcher?


I’m not sure what that means. What OS are you trying to write the image on? Windows, Linux or Mac?

And yes you can use ethcer.

Thanks Tom.

download and extract the file using 7-zip, winzip or any free program then you need to install the installer into the USB, try ex-fat, (make sure USB in port) then click the installer and it will ask you question and make sure you pick the usb, after the installation, turn off VERO, plug in usb into vero (white USB port in vero) and turn on vero, then installation will begin …not sure why fresh install guide not on wiki as many updates for 4kvero breaks something on mine and would have saved me 15 mins trying to figure things out

hopefully this is what you meant?

Yes, thanks. I was only copying the image file to the drives not writing. Appreciate it.

I have a Samsung TV (55Q80T) and when I have to reboot the Vero4k+
the TV automatically goes to the Vero4k+ input, even though I do not want it to.

Check settings under System->Settings->Input Devices->CEC