After enabling Audio overlay, HDMI output vanishes from audio settings

Using PI2 OSMC 20.1 (compiled 2023-06-03)

If I disable overlay it comes back, enable overlay it vanishes again.
I need both shown in audio settings so I can switch between HDMI for movies and IQaudioDAC for Music.

Everything was working fine on v18.xx before I updated.
I have installed the new audio profiles addon (was using and old audio switcher addon on v18)

I’ve fixed the issue.
Had to go into OSMC config editor and change “dtparam=audio=off” to on and reboot.
It must auto toggle that setting off/on depending on if an overlay has been selected or not.

I found a post from 2021 from someone who also had the issue when they upgraded to v19.


Glad this is solved.