After June update on RPi nas scanning stopped and all info for videos has gone

Debug logs after reboot.

Music artwork still shows up but all video artwork has gone and when requesting a scan it immediately returns.

The video files themselves are playable, and everything is still listed in your video library, but the artwork for all of your video sources is missing?

The files are visible under files but nothing or very little shows up in the library and requesting a scan either manually or automatically at reboot does not repopulate the library.

If you access the library from Settings/Media/Library/Videos then all of the series are there but they don’t show up on the home screen under TV series. Movies has also disappeared from the home screen.

I tried switching to the estuary skin and there was an error when trying to build menus so I enabled debug and went through the process again. These are the new logs.

Plenty or ERROR: lines but do any of them indicate where the problem is?


Looks like the filesystem corruption, I suggest reinstalling and restoring settings from a backup. If issue persists, please replace the SD card.

Thanks Tom.

But can you play a file from there? It sounds like you didn’t lose your artwork, but you lost your video library for some reason. Can you disable settings>media>video>use video tags> and then context menu over one of your video sources, select change content, set type to none, click ok, allow it to remove when prompted, then context menu over the same source again and set content and then setup your scraper again then click ok. Does this allow the scraping to work again?

I did a full reinstall and rebuild. We had a power cut last week and that may have been the cause.