After Kodi 19 is released, how long before OSMC Kodi 19 for Vero 4K+?

It’s in our best interests to support Kodi v19 as promptly as we can (from a development perspective, and for our users). But there are things to do first before that can be facilitated, and we don’t want to provide a negative user experience.

@darwindesign isn’t a developer, and without offence to him, I’d be surprised if he has a significant understanding of what is needed to support v19 across all of our currently supported platforms as well as the devices that we plan to support in the future.

If you have any other questions, we can answer them.

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I was very clear about that:

Nope, absolutely not. I place no judgment on open source projects that survive solely off volunteers/charity/donations, as non-profits, or as for-profits whether it’s to cover expenses or buy a new vacation properties. I couldn’t care less which path any project chooses to take. That’s for the people investing into it to decide.

With every major version, always such a topic as this arises…

Like Sam says, it is in OSMC’s own interrest to release a stable version as soon as possible, what more do you want?

A complete business plan with timescales, costs and when Sam plans to go to the toilet during development because that takes time away from getting a release out…it would seem.

Considering how few posts this thread has of any relevance to my original query or actual value, as the OP I’d say feel free to delete it. There’s no point in letting it devolve any further.

Sam has answered your question, I think. If I understood correctly, he said that there likely won’t be an official, stable release of Kodi v19 on OSMC until after Kodi v19.1 comes out. Since the time that elapses between Kodi 19.0 and 19.1 releases is not something he can control or predict, he can’t give any kind of meaningful estimate of how long after the 19.0 release that will be.

The thread’s probably run its course, but it can stay. I’m sure that others will also wonder about the Kodi v19 release cycle and how OSMC will respond to that. They may be able to get some answers from this.


Time and time again I admire everyone’s coolness in these threads when some arrogant know-it-better-than-you struts around telling everone why the answer he didn’t like is impossible to be the correct one. Of course he can’t be dismissed like other plebeian users with only one Kodi device; for he uses mutiple devices on several TVs and therefore has a right to know tomorrow’s lottery numbers or Kodi 19 release date.

Do these people really think devs have access to these information but withhold it from the public for some kind of twisted personal fun? If there were a way to know beforehand, what would be the point of not telling anyone?

It’s been the same with Kodi 18, 17, 16, 15 …


I’m fine with waiting for the update as I prefer an update that is working as the team wants it to be and not a buggy mess which the OP seems to going after which is the wrong thing to ask for as such be patient is a virtue one should have for things like this and I agree that this topic needs to be locked.

I’m not sure which is more pathetic, the drama queen display I’m replying to or that you may actually believe any of that nonsense applies here.

What you want and are fine with has absolutely nothing to do with anything and is completely irrelevant to my question. Further, I don’t know why it’s so hard for some of you to comprehend the fact that nothing I’ve said is in regards to a stable Kodi 19 build. If you think for a single second this is about being “anxious” to run the newest Kodi then you’re completely wrong and everything I’ve said has flown far above your head. I explicitly pointed out neither my question nor the use-case behind it was common and applicable to most users yet “you” insist on ignoring that fact and ramble on like this is about being overly excited for a “new toys”, or something ridiculous like that.

It’s sad that a person can’t ask a simple question on behalf of nobody but himself, and not have any twits come charging in with their capes, rambling garbage that neither has anything to do with the question nor offers any value. It’s nothing more than childishness and lame tries at sarcasm typical of people who it makes them a big boy on the internet. I have no doubt some people who soiled my thread are exactly the kid who spews profanity and threats over their Xbox headset to anyone who will listen the second mommy is out of hearing range.

It’s become apparent that the forum leadership is ok with personal attacks & insults so that’s what to expect.

Of course the drama queen in this thread is anyone but you. Have you looked into a mirror lately?

You’re right, though, Sam and all other Kodi devs know the time and date of Kodi 19’s release. They just withhold this information from us becasue they gain so much from it. The longer they’re silent, the more money flows to their accounts from the lizard people.

No, really: Why would it be different from all the other years when people like you asked the same nonsense like you did? Which benefit would anyone draw from withholding information about this if they had it?

Were you repeatedly dropped on your head as a child or are you naturally this stupid? If I were a religious person I would pray for you to find your way back to reality.

Please answer the questions:

  1. Why would it be different from all the other years when people like you asked the same question you did?

  2. Which benefit would anyone draw from withholding information about this if they had it?

  1. Please, by all means and against all odds, cite even a single post from any user at any point in the past asking the same question for the same reason. I’d love to see actual evidence of your claim. I’ll wait.

  2. Although your question is too stupid to answer because common sense should prevent you from needing to ask, the blatantly obvious one is to avoid creating an expectation with your customers that you likely can’t keep.

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I’m locking this.

Question was asked.
Question was answered / or at least we provided as much information as we could.