After Krypton, HDMI disconnects briefly on video start and stop

I have a Pi2 just updated to the Krypton release. The device is connected to overhead projector by HDMI.

After updating to Krypton, I noticed that the HDMI disconnects for about a second shortly after I start a video. It does the same thing when I stop. In between, the videos play fine. Any ideas why?

here is a video of what I mean (see black screen and bottom right “source searching” at 0:09 and 0:16)

debug logs here:

I thought maybe a power supply issue, but it is running off a 2A supply and has no peripherals other than USB soundcard. No “low power” indicator was observed.

Disable Adjust Refresh Rate

In Settings -> Player

@sam_nazarko @fzinken thanks, this worked!

Is this a new setting? I don’t remember this being an issue before Krypton.

Do I lose anything disabling this setting? I tried reading up on this in the Kodi wiki, and it seems like disabling means that Kodi might use the wrong frame rate when playing a particular file?

The change (“Always”) was new, the setting it self not.
Read here for details

Got it now - thanks!