After latest update Quasar stopped working

Hello friends. I just updated osmc via auto update and after that quasar stopped working.
I can’t even upload the log file with the osmc tool provided on My osmc.
Kodi log =

Can someone help me? Thank you very much for your time!

hmmm mine works fine…Re-install the addon maybe?

(Isos to addon efage kapoio kolima) :stuck_out_tongue:

works fine here also. do not forget that quasar is kinda not a work in progress and developer seems to have abandoned.

uninstall and delete addon config folders also prior to this unisntall all providers and delete the config folders of those also.

kalh tixi man sou euxomai

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ti egine re paidia,oli i ellada edw? Thanks people!

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lets not destroy the forum with our language they provide for us this os so lets respect that.

So problem is fixed?