After March 2020 update I'm no longer able to boot into OSMC

I recently upgraded to the March 2020 update, the update went through with no issues, however, after installation of the update the OSMC is stuck at the blue OSMC splash screen showing a sad face. It reboots on it’s own and gets stuck at that sad face splash screen and the loop continues over and over. This has forced me to install an older version of OSMC 2019.08.08

Edit: the log us below

This would mean Kodi is crashing which can have many reasons.
In that case you still should be able to login via SSH to upload logs which could help to figure out what the issue is.

the log details are here:

From when is this log? because it is quite strange. Your kodi.old.log is from 23.03.2020 and your current kodi.log is also from 23.03.2020 withjust the last entries from 31.03.2020.

A constant crashing Kodi (sad face) would normally mean both logs would be similar.
For me it looks like a SD Card failure.

The log is from today less than an hour ago…

looks like I need another SD card…


I assume you took it after several cycle of sad face? If that is the case then very likely broken SD Card. You can test with H2Testw (destructive test).