After the second Oct update Vero will not turn on using HDMI-CEC anymore

I had hoped this second Oct update would fix everything from the buggy September update but it seems to have introduced a new Bug.

I think this is an HDMI-CEC bug, I know we had an update fix the fact HSMI-CEC would stop working on the Vero 4K+. That update seems to fix it but I got a second Oct update recently and now what is happening is using my Logitech remote to switch to the Vero 4k no longer actually turns the unit on.

I now have to unlplug the Vero 4k and plug it back in to turn it back on.

I was using the suspend mode for years without a problem and now it seem the Vero will no longer turn on after hours of being in suspend mode. The unit is either locking up in suspend mode and not responding or in suspend mode the HDMI-CEC functions stop working after a period of time. If I put it in suspend mode switch to another activity then switch back it works, so it seems to happen only after some time being in suspend mode.

Vero used to be so reliable but since the Sept update which broke Plex needing a workaround patch and also the HDMI-CEC issues the Vero has become pretty buggy.

Besides un pluging the unit is their a good way to turn it on with a Remote? It does not seem to have a dedicated power button.

This behavior started right after the second Oct Update.


There hasn’t been a second October update per se. All the additional updates have done is fix an HEVC green screen issue and reinstate the Start/Stop issue regarding the Refresh Rate setting.

I’d suggest powering everything down at the mains for a few minutes. This will reset everything on the CEC bus.

Users are reporting that CEC is behaving as it was prior to the September update and I’d expect that as I have reverted CEC to where it was prior to that update

Unfortunately Plex still haven’t updated their add-on properly, but @darwindesign did come up with a quick solution for this as we discussed previously. We can only maintain and support what we release directly - third party add-one don’t fall under that remit, but as you can see, we do what we can.



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Is their some button combo on the official remote that actually turns the 4k Vero on? I’ve never had to do that since powering it on was always triggered correctly by HDMI-CEC.

I’m going to put it in suspend mode and daily turn it on and see if I can determine some type of time pattern what it will stop turning the unit on through HDMI-CECX

If it is actually in suspend any navigation command sent to the Vero via CEC should wake it up. The communication and device assignment in CEC can sometimes get confused necessitating a complete reset of the bus so everything gets straightened out. Unplugging everything from the mains for a minute is the method to do this.

I think an easy check to see if it is locking up or if it is just CEC control at fault would be to use the OSMC remote or a USB keyboard and see if it wakes up with that after it fails via your Harmony/CEC setup.

Any button.

Ill see if the next time it has issues I can Trigger it on with the offical remote.

Keep us posted.

Well it has not happened since I posted of course so seems this may not be a long term issue. I’ll post if it ever happens again.

Glad to hear.