After the September update, Vero 4K no longer recognizes my external hdd (connected directly via USB)

Dear all, I just installed the September update. Since then, my Vero 4K doesn’t recognize my external hard drive anymore. When I want to watch a movie, KODI shows me that the file does not exist and whether I want to delete it. For all files! Yesterday everything worked perfectly.

I have switched the device on and off several times (plug out). I have connected the hard drive to both USB ports. Nothing works.

Thank you in advance.


Can you post a set of logs?

We made changes to the automounter in this update to prepare for Stretch.


I’d love to. But if I want to use the OSMC Log Uploader, I only see “{“message”:“Document not found.”}” under the offered Paste URL.


This should now be fixed. Please try updating again in ten minutes

You can do this manually by reading Keeping your OSMC system up to date - General - OSMC.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Please let me know if you still experience any problems.


Dear Sam, thank you very much for the super fast reaction and especially for your help! The update has fixed the problem. Once again. Thank you very much. Your service is unbelievable. My respects! Have a nice evening. And thank you again!

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