After Update no playback of 4K movies - Help!


Last Thursday I received my Vero 4K +.
After installation (done quickly), I watched a number of HD 1080P and 4K movies, all worked great.

Then I made an update with "My Osmc’’. Upgrading took a few minutes and after the reboot all looked fine.
BUT since the update (2018.12-1) I can no longer playback 4K movies on my LG LG 49SK8500PLA 49 "LED TV.
I get a black screen / no device connected message. After pressing the stop button on the remote i get back to main menu of Kodi.

Can somebody please tell how to solve this problem? I bought the Vero 4K+ for it’s UHD playback.
Problem seems to be in the update.

Thanks in advance.
The Netherlands

Try force 422 in video menu in expert mode


Yes it worked!!!
Thank you very much, you made my day.