After Update Vero not booting anymore


I did an Update on my first gen vero last night - it took ages to start (blank screen and after approx 15 minutes it bootet into install mode and startet installing). Unfortunatly I fell asleep and in the morning I got “no Signal”. Unpluged Vero and pluged it in again - TV seems to recognise that something is there (at least the Port was showing active) no no signal message soon afterwards.

Alos tried different ports - but When I checked my Routre I also couldn’t see a networkconnection form the little box …

Any ideas how to Troubleshhot something like that?

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If you power on the Vero, you see a red light within in the SPDIF port. Does this light stays ON or goes OFF after some time?

Stays on.

Meanwhile I have installed a new SD Card an it did work again - still I wonder how this could have happened …

Will never find out

Hi Markus

I just updated my Vero 1 and seem to have the same problem: the SPDIF red light is on permanently but there is no visibility of the Vero on the network and no screen output.

Did you open the Vero and replace an SD Card inside to fix it? Or do you have any other solution please?

Thanks very much

The MicroSD is below the HDMI Port - no need to open the little box. I took a spare micro sd and downloaded the installer (

This is the Box I have:


After the setup put the sd card back into the vero and plug it in - the setup will startup.

Lovely, thanks for the help

I am getting the same issue, no signal to my tv and its not showing up on my network anymore. SPDIF light is always on.
Will try reinstalling OSMC when I get time, kinda frustrating as I have a pretty massive library so it’s gonna take ages to for the Vero to add all the movies and tv back in. Luckily since I upgraded to a Vero 4K my old Vero is relegated to duties in the lounge room which rarely gets used.

You should be able to read the SD Card in your Vero4k and can backup the .kodi folder from the SD card and restore it after your reinstall on the Vero.

Also if you have more than one device you might want to think about using a shared mysql database

Correct. It will show up under the /media directory. You can copy the entire .kodi directory without any issues.