After updating my vero 4k to leia my rar files dont show

After updating my vero 4k to leia my rar files dont show any more.
What do i need to change?
Havent found any place to check it.

With kodi 18 rar support was moved to a plugin. Go to programs, addon browser, virtual file systems and either enable archive or rar, then reboot. Rar files will be recognized again.

That’s a pain that it needs to be enabled manually.
I wonder if we should enable it by default in the future.

I’ve updated the repository and get no hits for rar/vfs.
I think you guys need to add it?

They are included in OSMC automatically as they are binary add-ons.

Is there anyway to search the repo within shell, so I show you I don’t have it?

You don’t grab it from the repo, it’s already installed.
You just need to enable it.

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Thanks, found it. Add-on browser > My addons

+1 for enabling this by default Sam, good pragmatic call (especially as some of the admins on the kodi forums seem against rars).

Just in case it’s useful to others, some threads were pointing to some instability when enabling both - but the maintainer seems to have said here that is no longer the case (though just use the rar one). If anyone has newer information/ testing experience please shout