After upgrade can't access Settings!

Just upgraded to latest release but now dont have any settings menu. Only the standard menu options eg movies, tv, and custom ones I created. I also notice the picture is only 480p! How can I change the resolution via ssh as I believe changing the resolution may then display the settings menu or do I have a different issue? Thx

Got it displaying 1080p now by the following…

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml.backup
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Still no settings menu!

Could you try to following?

Login via ssh
rm /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.skinshortcuts/skin.osmc.hash
systemctl restart mediacenter

I ended up resetting whole config and starting from scratch as it was a customized setup with some now out dated addons and skins etc

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