AirPlay Audio doesn‘t work on Pi4

Hello , is it a known issue that AirPlay doesn‘t work with the Pi4? I always used it with my Vero4k to listen to spotify but with the Pi4 that doesn‘t work? Are debug Logs needed or is the problem known?


Is the Vero4k on v19? Otherwise it might be a Kodi v19 problem.
Have you tried to install avahi-daemon?

Wow that was fast :grinning:. No the vero is still on v18!
And no i haven‘t installed avahi-daemon. What is that and would that probably solve the issue. If yes how could I install that?

Thanks in advance

Forget to say: i See the rpi in network and spotify on iphone says connected but there is no sound and the Player doesn‘t start

Connect to command line and execute sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon
It might not be the solution based on the input in your next post, but it is a try.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

There’s a known issue with recent Kodi builds and AirPlay Audio. I believe that it’s being looked at.

Ahh ok. Thanks for the information!!!


Just install raspotify GitHub - dtcooper/raspotify: A Spotify Connect client that mostly Just Works™
its spotify connect client, for me the best way to enjoy spotify on rpi

Thanks for the hint. I already installed that and it works without any problems!!!


‘yoast’ posted a workaround in Arch Linux ARM • View topic - [Kodi-rpi] Airplay seems broken in 19.1

Awesome. Will test that later!!


Edit: works perfectly. Thanks