Airplay audio-only streaming not working on Jarvis

Hi there,

I would be happy if we could fix my airplay audio streaming setup:
I upgraded to the test build of OSMC with Kodi Jarvis for getting airplay support again. I am streaming audio from iPad2 with iOS 9.2 to OSMC on rbp2. This used to work perfectly when the ipad still had iOS 8.

Jarvis is supposed to fix this issue. Unfortunately this is not working for me. I enabled airplay in osmc and disabled the airplay support for Video&Pictures. This way I should be able to play from iPad to OSMC. When I try to stream any ipad app to osmc, it stops local playback for one second (no sound plays on OSMC) and then switchs back to playing locally. My logs are here:
When I try using airplay it reflects in these errors:

17:11:15 671.919373 T:1958089264   ERROR: Init: Error opening file pipe://9/
17:11:15 671.919617 T:1958089264   ERROR: CAudioDecoder: Unable to Init Codec while loading file pipe://9/
17:11:15 671.919739 T:1958089264 WARNING: PAPlayer::QueueNextFileEx - Failed to create the decoder
17:11:16 673.002563 T:1778258928  NOTICE: Skin Helper Service --> Video database changed, refreshing widgets....

any idea how to fix that?

These are testbuilds atm. Before there is no final version out there is no real sense in discussing those problems here. Better ask at the kodi forums.

Also only audio is fixed afaik. No mirroring or videostreaming.

I wouldn’t agree on not discussing it here - IMO the testing builds are for debugging.

Yes, this is only about audio - I tested streaming audio from Spotify and some other apps.

This begs the question of, do Jarvis test builds have a functioning airplay implementation for any Kodi distro on any platform? If the answer is no, then this has very little to do with OSMC and everything to do with Kodi development.

Airplay via iOS 9 is currently not fully working for Kodi 16 on any Kodi platform.
You probably already know this…

AUDIO ONLY may work with ios9
Make sure you disable picture and video support.
When you do this, it won’t work with itunes, but audio apps should work.
Some people (using systems other than OSMC) report it’s not working at all for them.

Based on comments on Github it looks like shairplay has/had a bug.:

Hopefully one of the OSMC Developers can chime in on that.
As @mcobit and @ActionA have said it’s not an OSMC specific issue.

Current kodi forum thread for io9 airplay is here:


@Spinner: thanks for your input!

What do you mean with that:

I don’t find any ios9 support option in my osmc settings.

Sorry about that. I had the OSMC with Isengard in mind when I typed that (it has a toggle for enabling ios8 support)

With Jarvis, when “expert” menus are enabled, you will simply see a single “Enable Airplay Videos and Picture Support” setting.
That needs to be disabled if you are using io9, since Kodi Javis currently only supports AIRPLAY AUDIO with ios9.

That said, I have no idea if it works when running the Jarvis development build on OSMC, because obviously Jarvis on OSMC is a work in progress.

Based on the thread on the kodi forums, some people running Jarvis ON OTHER PLATFORMS, not OSMC, are also having problems getting it to work. (likely due to the bug I linked to)

yes, I did disable the Video&Picture support…so I also think it might be about shairplay, in the kodi thread they also told me that.