Airplay broken?

Hi can anyone test if Airplay is working on the latest Leia nightly on 4k+?
The Vero doesn’t seem to be showing up as a target from iPhone or iPad for me and it always used to…I would’ve posted this in Development and testing but I’m unable to start a new topic in there.

Just wanted to make sure its broken and not something strange happening with my network.

Happy to provide logs if needed.

Are you trying to use audio or video? Audio barely works as is due to Apple changes


Just audio Sam…I know video support broke a few os’s back.
Its not even showing up as a target lately, it was definitely working a few months ago as I used it quite regularly.

Shame if its gone for good as I found that feature quite useful to play podcasts and choons from my phone/macbook etc.
I still use ios10 on my devices btw.

Can you take AirPlay etc is enabled in Settings?

Yeah its definitely enabled, I’ve toggled it on and off a few times and rebooted but it makes no difference.

I presume its not broken then? and it’s something my end causing this?

Not sure about the status of it on v18. Maybe someone else can confirm

Maybe it was more than a few months ago I last had it working…but I’m 99% sure it was working on Leia (Rpi3) at some point, ive been using the nightlies for ages now.

So is Airplay non-functional at the moment?

Not sure. If someone can check on v18 it will be helpful.
v17 (current stable version) should be working fine.

Yeah it’s working on v17 on Rpi3.

This is one report from >100k installs… Take it with a grain of salt unless you can confirm the same behavior…

I have my iPad on the WiFi network and the Vero 4K+ connected on the same network via Ethernet. I don’t see the 4K+ appear in my list of devices that I can Airplay to.

I was reading the wiki, does this mean I have to keep my iOS devices at iOS 8 the latest? Can I not have any functionality with iOS 11 or 12?

With most routers, Avahi announcements can’t cross Ethernet -> WiFi barrier for security reasons.

Can you try connecting to WiFi first?

You could always stream via Bluetooth. Range is shorter however.


After the announcement was done over Wifi, I switched back to Ethernet and it worked fine. I could connect with Bluetooth, but could not get it to announce over BT.

Can u confirm if this is v17 or v18 you’re using on the 4K+ mate?

For Bluetooth to use the Vero as audio sink or source you need to install the a2dp package but if airplay works for you no need to bother

Makes sense, I had understood it as use Airplay over BT, but now I know you guys meant connect it as a BT audio player, such as a headset, etc.