AirPlay is working from iTunes only

Hello! I installed OSMC to Apple TV HDD. The most required feature for me is AirPlay. I happily found, that it actually works when i dropped mp4 file to iTunes and tried to stream it to Apple TV. But most of the time i use different types of video. Then i downloaded a few tools for AirPlay streaming and it does not work.
Here’s a different logs from Mac OS Console

" 01/09/16 13:59:37,561 Received unexpected HTTP Response Code: 405 HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed (/scrub) "

" 01/09/16 13:50:07,766 Could not write the complete HTTP message. "

" 01/09/16 14:02:29,995 Connect to service: osmc-Ulrich.local. video port: 7100 audio port: 36666 media port: 7000
01/09/16 14:02:29,996 Generated 088901ab-0b9a-4e6a-8039-01ad0c7f0670 sessionId for Media Connection

01/09/16 14:02:30,133 Socket Error: kConnectError

01/09/16 14:02:30,133 Client media connection failed (Unable to Connect: Firewall?): 12293

01/09/16 14:02:30,133 APOAirPlayMediaConnection changing from State: APNCMediaStateConnecting to APNCMediaStateConnectionFailed "

Of course i can convert all my videos to mp4 format and then put them to iTunes, but in that way it not worth it. And i’m so close to reach my goal. Maybe you know what’s the problem…

Your system looks amazingly great btw. Was really surprised.

Airplay has been discussed numerous times on this and the Kodi forums. Using the very good search function on this forum will provide you with a lot of info which likely addresses your issue. Short answer: Apple doesn’t want airplay to function on devices that don’t run Apple software.

I tried to search this question and found nothing useful in my situation. But it works from iTunes - the main reason i’ve left the post here.

The implementation of airplay in Kodi is a reverse engineered hack at best. Apple does not officially support airplay function on any Kodi platform and clearly has no intention to do so.

So sad. Thank you.

airplay its supported in ios 8.3 and beliw firmwares, ios 9 breaks this airplay feature in kodi, damn apples!