Airplay not working through tethering

Hi all,

Tethering is working very well for me. I now have an access point in the bedroom. yeah!

The only issue I have is that Airplay does not work from the AP (ip in the bedroom to a KODI device in the living room that connected by cable (ip: I can ping from and internet works fine. Only Airplay doesn’t work, probably because Bonjour is not forward.

My question is this, can i configure OSMC to use the same DHCP (forwarded from my NAS), change NAT-rules to allow Bonjour or somehow bridge the two subnets?

I searched all the tethering topic, but could not find any answer.

Thank in advance!

I don’t think it is that easy as you now have to subnets with different broadcast you would need a Mdns forwarder

There is no easy answer to what you ask.

Tethering is implemented by connman (the connection manager) and it does everything itself internally, including setting up routing, creating a mini DHCP server for the tethered network, performing DNS forwarding and so on.

There is exactly zero in the way of user customisable network settings for the Tethering mode, unfortunately.

Even setting up a Bonjour Gateway is not going to work - the reason why is because the Tethering mode uses NAT, and Airplay video requires two way connectivity - the iOS device connects to the Airplay server, however as soon as you play back video or mirror the screen the “server” actually connects back to a server running on the “client”, eg the iOS device.

Thus Airplay is fundamentally incompatible with NAT, even if you solve the problem of forwarding Bonjour announcements.