Airplay not working


I have my OSMC up and running with my files accessible via ethernet (NFS) and wireless USB (Edimax EW-7822UAC) providing internet.

Subject to a couple of minor wrinkles, everything works fine.

Airplay doesn’t work for me.

I have enabled Airplay, given OSMC a name, and have selected compatibility mode (enabled by default).

OSMC comes up in the device list, but selecting OSMC plays nothing. I have changed volume on my audio output, to no avail. No indication at all comes up on the screen although the playback device indicates that the media is playing correctly.

Sorry for all the separate topics, but I thought it useful (especially for those searching in future) to have a specific/dedicated topic to look for and go through!


I assume you’ve read the OSMC documentation on AirPlay, but in case you haven’t, iOS 9 is a no-go. You should upload a debug log if you’re experiencing issues with iOS 7 or iOS 8.

Eep - I do apologise… I wasn’t aware of the iOS9 issue.

Perhaps it’s good to leave this topic here, so people with this question don’t inconvenience anyone further.

Apologies for the bother!