AirPlay out of sync with other AirPlay devices

Evening all,
I’m running OSMC Kodi 15.2 on a Rpi2, connected via cat6 to a Freenas server.

I’m having a party on NYE and have installed some ceiling speakers into the kitchen and connected them to my Sony STR-DN1030 AirPlay enabled amp. The pi sits behind my tv in the living room next to the kitchen. Both devices show in iTunes as AirPlay destinations and both output at the same time :slight_smile:

However, sadly, they’re not in sync. OSMC actually starts playing immediately and the amp kicks in about 1.5/2 seconds later and the difference is intolerable.

I’ve searched both devices for a delay setting to manually sync them but can’t find one. Not sure if it’s a OSMC issue or an iTunes one, or a Sony one!

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


You must be still using iOS 8 I presume, as iOS 9 Airplay is not compatible with Kodi at all at the moment. (Apple changed the protocol in major ways and broken nearly all 3rd party Airplay servers)

It’s quite likely that Airplay on Kodi does not support the synchronisation feature that a real Airport express does that allows multiple targets to synchronise. I have not heard of anyone attempting to do this anyway.

You’re probably better off addressing the Kodi devs directly at as this is not going to be an OSMC specific issue, but my guess is the answer will be that Kodi can’t synchronise with other Airplay devices.

I’m actually using iTunes on Windows 10.

Thanks for the prompt reply