Airplay protocol in the core os

First of all, I heard osmc’ll finish the update of apple tv 1 on the next update.
Thanks for updates until now and I thought I have to put my only request on board until then.

My wish is one of the most wanted feature, I guess…
Make kodi be able to discover the airplay device as an audio output.

I tried to make it possible with pulseaudio and raop2, but I was too noob and couldn’t get any success.
If OS has an ability to discover airplay device, kodi can easily detect those targets on the GUI.
so if it’s possible I really want airplay capability as last update.

Unfortunately AirPlay has been a game of cat and mouse.
Apple kept changing the protocol and it’s been to hard to track a closed, proprietary protocol.

The future of audio streaming is A2DP, which we are developing. This is available for testing.