Album scrapper scans entire library every time

I’ve noticed a change in my OSMC set up. I have Kodi set to search for online information via Universal Album/Artist scapper every time I search my audio library.

A few weeks ago, this worked fine. It found any new material and scrapped information for it…

Now when I start a library scan, it first detects new material and scrapps new information - both for albums and, if relevant, new artists. Then it begins scrapping every album i the enitre library in alphabetic order - these albums having already been scrapped several times by now. Rather curiously, it dosen’t seem to scrapp old artists in the same fashion.

Since scan and scrap takes a long time with a rather extensive library and thus eats performance I find this bug rather annoying - though hardly game-breaking.

I’m going to try changing Universal Album Scrapper to an alternative, see if that works, but I’m curious as to whether someone else have this problem and thought I’d report it.