All libraries are empty after october '19 update


Last update broke my libraries. I use a MySQL DB, and now all my libraries are empty. Kodi can access the files, since I just have to go to the file section to watch videos, or listen to music, but still, the main menu shows nothing.

Is it something known?

btw, this update broke TVheadend too, but I managed to fix it by re-installing and re-configuring it.


To get a better understanding of your problem can you please post full debug logs.

I tried to upload the logs, but rebooting vero4K fixed it for now. I think it’ll come back, since I didn’t touch anything and rebooting didn’t do anything earlier. I’ll post debug log then.


TVHeadend hasn’t been updated or changed in this update.

I didn’t apply the previous update. Maybe that’s related for TVHeadend?