All videos hang after Jan update

Interesting. That might explain why mine is OK as I stream from TVHeadend and have an archive on NFS.

FWIW: Having an article somewhere “This is now you revert to the previous kernel if an update goes sour” might be a good idea.

Yes, you just found it. Welcome to the forum!

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Well, I was more thinking of an easily locatable FAQ… :slight_smile:

Oh you haven’t found our FAQ/wiki yet? It’s user editable!

Sorry, no. Where is it (URL)?

Perfect. Thanks! Have bookmarked it.

Yesturday osmc prompt me for an update. Can i do it ? I the kernel problem resolved?

Well the Kernel hasn’t changed, but as the problem only impacted a handful of people and you easily can downgrade the kernel with a single command if it impacts you I would suggest there is nothing that should stop you to upgrade.

Thanks Sam. This helped until yesterday with more updates. Now playing videos off a SMB share is a disaster. Videos hang all the time. I’m going to reload the previous kernel (again).

This seem not to work (anymore). The “same” hanging videos occur here with SMB sources and 4.3.3-3-osmc.

Your issue is likely not related then.

Start a new thread with some logs and we will take a look


I assume it is related. I have experienced this problem occurring after the Jan update. However, a roll-back to 4.3.3-3 has not fixed this and (SMB) videos are still stuck/stutter after a couple of minutes (depending on the quality).

No issues here with the latest osmc update

The video playback performance of the December update was definitely better than the January update.
Also some of the videos I watched with the December update no longer play properly or at all with the January update.

Have you had a look at Frequent random muting, then freezing - #90 by sam_nazarko?

Have any of you guys tested the new raspberry pi kernel 4.4.3 available in the last osmc update ? Is there the same problem as in the or did the fix it ? Currently I’m running

Make sure Audio DSP is disabled in the System -> Audio Settings. When enabled I often had problems with videos freezing. The new ADSP system seems to be buggy.