Allow SSH [...] configuration file modifications to persist across updates


i’m using osmc also as a little home server by running a few services in different lxc containers. therefore, the device is online with a modified sshd_config (key-pair auth + 2nd factor auth, AllowUsers etc.). With the last update, my sshd_config got replaced. no big deal with daily updates … but what i’ve to do, that my config won’t get overwritten with the next update again?

Previously sshd_config was not marked as a debian package conffile, so would be overwritten on any updates of the ssh package. Up until now you have been lucky because we have not made any changes to sshd_config until this month, when we have turned off the OSMC banner.

However in this update we have also marked sshd_config as a conffile - so from now on any future updates will not overwrite a locally modified sshd_config. To do this consistently for all users we had no choice but to overwrite it one last time with the package provided version of the script.

Thanks for the background information!