AllPlay / AllJoyn support for OSMC

Please find time to add support for AllJoyn, it is open source. AllPlay is not but AllJoyn should be enough to for example use the Spotify App on your phone and play it on OSMC, same for a lot of other music streaming apps:

Highest quality audio streaming with native support for Spotify, TuneIn, Rhapsody and much more:

Now read this:

And last but not least:

DYI, think most of the OSMC crew got enough on their plate so find a solution and post a how to

Im not in a hurry, I am not a developer. It just seemed like a nice addition for the feature request list.

think there are far more pressing issues plus this is a addon request and thats handled by Kodi

so request from Kodi

We’ve never heard of it or ever seen a request for it until now. Even your own link contains detailed instruction on doing it yourself. Not to mention that everything @toast says here is true.

My apologies, I thought the FR thread was to post FRs. Regardless of whether it would be accepted and planned and put on a roadmap etc. The feedback “there are more pressing matters” is of course very true but in my view also completely off topic in this thread. I did not post this to distract you from other more pressing matters, I didnt ask ‘when’ or ‘eta’ since it is not important to me. But if new FRs do distract the team, why not just lock the FR thread?

FR is for OSMC thats the OS not Kodi per say so if you got feature thats for Kodi then use Kodi forum

please check OSMC Wiki for how to know the differance between the two

I believe the conclusion this should be a Kodi request is a bit unfair (it can be a Kodi request, but it can also be an OSMC fr), since the team has been working on an addon for the bluetooth audio streaming feature. This is not that different, though as a noob perhaps my view is too limited to judge.

edit: I have tested the npm package of alljoyn and currently it is too limited to actually allow audio streaming so this request is definitely dead, also for Kodi.