Almost unusable since update

We’ve got 2 x Vero4Ks. I updated them both to the latest update, a couple of days ago and they have both had the same symptoms since the update.
When I first click on a video to start it playing (does not seem to matter what type), the system appears to do nothing for a while (45 seconds in a test I did tonight), then finally the screen darkens and the two spinning “in progress” wheels start and they continue for a long while (in a test tonight 110 seconds), and then the video finally starts playing.
Similarly when the video finishes the screen goes black and it takes about a minute for the UI to return.
I’m not sure if it’s related but simultaneous to these issues now the Vero appears to freeze up when I select Reboot.
Both Veros were running perfectly just before the upgrade and both suffer the exact same issue from the first video played after the upgrade.
I have logs uploaded at:

Which version did you upgrade from?

Did you try a fresh installation and see if you could reproduce the problem?

Have you tried playing a file from local storage instead of SMB?
You also seem to have some TVHeadend timeout issues, so may want to check the backend is up and IP is correct.

It’s surprising that both devices are experiencing an issue.

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Does playing things from your anime source (which is using an ip address) act the same as your other sources?

I’m afraid I don’t know for certain which version I came from but it is quite likely that it was the previous release as I check for updates periodically.

Based on your “fresh installation” hint, I just reset both Vero’s to default and setup them both up all over again. It’s been over 24 hours and they’re still indexing away but playing videos so far seems back to normal, so I think something in the update broken both my setups, but a resetup has it working again.

Glad to hear this. Let’s keep an eye on things.


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