Alpha 3 failed to access root

Attempted ton install Alpha 3 this evening. Attempted a USB install. After the 60 second countdown it fails with a message saying it cant access root. Reran the installer on the sd card again on my pc with the same result. No issues with previous alpha’s.

Someone else reported this as well. I think I have an idea as to what could be causing it.

I’ll take a look


Hi, same for me, any idea how to fix it? thanks

This is fixed now and should work in Alpha 4 when it is released

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Sorry Sam, but I have to ask… do you have any idea yet when Alpha 4 will be released?

Thanks! :smile:

Within a day I suspect


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Wow… that was a quick reply… I am impressed.

I didn’t think the next release would be as soon as that, so I will try and check out Alpha 3 tomorrow, just to see how it all looks, and then hopefully prepare a fresh card for Alpha 4, once it is available for download.

Am using a B+ Raspberry Pi, so hopefully a Class 6 Samsung micro SD card will be OK.

The SD card will be fine

I would recommend you just wait for Alpha 4

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Thanks Sam… in that case I will follow your advice, and hang on for a bit longer.

I did try to install raspbmc earlier today, but it kept telling me that it would restart shortly, only it didn’t!

This is not the place to discuss that though, and I am now very much looking forward to seeing OSMC!

If you would like help with the Raspbmc forum please start a thread on the old Raspbmc forum for now at

I’m putting the last Raspbmc update out now, so Raspbmc has not got a lot of life in it!


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Yes, I thought that might be the case so I don’t think I will spend any more time on Raspbmc for now, but will wait and concentrate my efforts on OSMC!

Keep up the good work! :smile: