Alpha 4 RasPi2 video streaming issues

I installed OSMC Alpha 4 on my shiny new Raspberry Pi 2 yesterday.

Everything works pretty much as expected (faster!), but I’ve had some fairly consistent issues with streaming video from my library.

I’m streaming .m4v files from a Synology DS213se over wifi. Streaming starts fine, but randomly through the stream the video will lock up. This will either manifest itself as a complete lockup, requiring me to exit the video and restart it from the previously reached position, or the video will stutter, and look ‘corrupted’ - the video will display as green blocks, before recovering somewhat, but continuously stuttering out of sync with the audio.

Is there any log information, or logging feature I can turn on, to help narrow down why this is happening? Otherwise OSMC on the new Pi is very impressive on first glance given it’s not even in beta yet. :slight_smile:

Does it still happen with a network cable attached?

I don’t know, I will try with ethernet over the weekend.

I will point out however that my previous Raspberry Pi with RaspBMC used to work flawlessly in the same position on the same wireless network with the same wireless USB dongle (Edimax), thus my suspicion it’s a software issue.

It may be but the first step would be to eliminate the wireless bottleneck and see what happens. What happens if you change the extension from m4v to mp4? I don’t think you need to purchase a codec for this file type, what does mediinfo MediaInfo tell you about the file?