I just installed the IQAudio Pi-DAC+ on my RPi2 and it seems to work fine. I suppose I could leave it at that but I am curious about some of the installation instructions from the IQAudio website.

In their manual it says to check the that the DAC drivers are installed by using the command

alsa -l

However when I run that command I get the following error

-bash: alsa: command not found

Does this mean that ALSA is not installed on the latest release of OSMC? I assume that this doesn’t really matter if I have managed to select the DAC as an output device in the settings menu?

As I said, just curious!

OSMC’s Kodi links against libasound (ALSA libs) and all ALSA modules are included in the kernel. This is why you can enjoy the IQAudio DAC just fine.

The alsa command seems like a userland util, and you can install alsa-utils for a mixer such as amixer. But having ALSA userland installed is not necessary at all to drive the card, and they should update their tutorial appropriately.

Edit: Just checked on my laptop, and it seems to be a service.


Sam many thanks for the quick response and for the explanation, I won’t give it another thought :wink:

Thanks Sam, you response to this question helped me with my issue as well. :slight_smile: