Alternative to Vero Remote Control?

I had a Vero 4k (1st gen) that died, so I am back to using OSMC on a Pi (and I have my pi5 preordered…W00t!)

I like the RF-based vero remote that is included with the Vero. However, I’d like one that has a keyboard or maybe a few additional buttons that can be customized.

Hoping the community has some ideas since there is a sea of remotes out there, and filtering through them all is raising my blood pressure, as is googling “best RF kodi remote.” I am getting a bunch of worthless listicals.

My requirements for the remote:

  • RF not IR. Bluetooth is OK, or something with a receiver like the Vero remote

  • On the face, it needs to be simple, which is why I love the stock Vero remote. i don’t want to look at the remote all the time. Ideally my fingers can just find the right buttons.

  • On the back, I’d like a QWERTY keyboard for when I need to enter text. (Do you have any idea how complex my wifi and SMB passwords are? Lol)

The remote for my TV (vizio) would be GREAT if it would control Kodi on the Pi, but CEC is apparently crap on this display, since all I can really get it to do is switch inputs or power on the display when Kodi commands it. Nothing from the remote gets through. Here’s a pic of the Vizio remote that would be awesome if it worked: Vizio XRT500

Do you have any suggestions?

If you are looking for an RF keyboard, I can recommand this keyboard from aliexpress

I’m using a Rii 8+ mini (German keyboard layout) since 2019 and I’m still excited. In US this page should be valid

I have a bunch of RIIs in use, but the keys are a little bit too small for my fingers.

I have a Logitech mini keyboard I plug in on the odd occasion I have to type in something that would take too long with the standard remote. I like that it is smaller than a regular keyboard will still being just big enough to touch type. Text input can also be done with the web UI or a Kodi remote app on a mobile device. My personal preference is to have the number buttons to do SMS navigation with, but I wouldn’t really want an entire alphabet extra worth of buttons on my remote. I’d say if you really liked the OSMC remote then stick with that and get a second input device, or use a browser/app for text input.

As for customizing, you might have more options than you realize. You can keymap to specific windows and the OSMC remote supports long-press (one action for a short press, a different action when you hold the button down) so chances are with the remote you have now will probably be able to tweaked to do whatever these extra functions you were thinking of.

Have you investigated using a smartphone app like Yatse or Kore? They’re quite good for typing.

I want an actual physical remote control that looks like a remote. I don’t want a device that looks like a controller, etc.

It needs to be of the rectangular config – and it has to pass the “wife test.”

I am considering the Rii K25… But after reading reviews, I have noticed one very common thing about these remotes: there is no “stop” button. Even on the Vero remote.

Ive been using old MCE RC6 remotes for years and they work well (and have a stop button) but I was wanting to get away from IR controls and move to RF.

I have tried the phone apps, and I don’t care for them because there are no physical buttons. I want to be able to find the button I’m looking for without having to LOOK at the remote.

If someone made the classic RC6 in RF, I’d jump all over it.

The OSMC remote has a stop button (the square) but there are also tweaks you can make to any remote that may remove your need for that button. Normally if one presses the back/return button on a remote while it is in full screen playback it returns you to the menu and continues playback in the background. You can keymap the back/return button in the full screen playback windows to send stop instead of the back/previous window actions. In this way a back/return button still acts the same as it did before, just without the background playback. I actually have my remotes programed like this with an additional long-press action for the return button so if I hold down the button it performs the old previous window action and brings me to the menus with background playback.

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