Alternatives to iTunes and Google Play for download movies?

Hi All

Are any of you aware of any good sites for downloading movies legally that aren’t iTunes or Google Play? I am looking for some classics and am happy to pay.

I know there’s the option to buy a DVD and rip but, once ripped, I’ll probably never use the DVD again. I’m also trying to save the planet and avoid unnecessary deliveries around the world to New Zealand.

Think it might be a long shot but share your wisdom if you know of anywhere.

I think you’ll be hard pressed
The reason being that if there’s no DRM you could redistribute it.


Thanks, I suspected that might be the case. It would be nice if the film industry found a way to move into the new century.

Maybe they should just sell discs in more minimal packaging.

The jewel cases seem like a lot of unnecessary plastic.


To be honest, I’m surprised that there aren’t downloadable SD movies with no DRM. It’s not like those movies would be shared any more than DVDs and DRM-protected web streams are already shared.

The movie studios have finally given up on region coding (UHD BluRays can’t be region-protected), and at least half of all regular BluRays are all-region/region-free. There will be a point where they realize that paying for DRM that does nothing just cuts down on their profits.

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I wonder when the studios will figure out that pirating isn’t only a question of Money but also quality and convenience. If they would come up with a service where you can select the cut, video quality, audio quality and audio and subtitle language of your favorite movie and then allow you to download that file to be played on 3-5 devices of your choice I bet an eye that a lot of people that currently invest in fast internet connections, storage solutions etc would just buy the movie for a reasonable price. I’m not afraid to say that I have Netflix and hbo but most of the time I still download the pirated version of a Netflix or hbo show from the internet because I don’t have a fancy new tv that comes with a up to date Netflix or hbo addon and most of the time pirates do the extra work and add synced subtitles, remove adds etc to make the enjoyment of the content as good as possible. Until the big Studios come up with the mindset that maybe they should be doing the extra work for their paying customer I’m not even feeling slightly bad for pirating my media