Am I the only one with constant crashes?

I don’t see anyone else complaining so it must be just me.
90 % of the time when I try to play 720p and up the first time will crash and restart.
I am using the Confluence default skin.
If it’s just me, is great, I will start from scratch and reinstall everything.

Otherwise…I still have CB2 on another ATV1 and I see that is behaving much better.
I know we are asking a lot from this device but I hope we can still use it for a few more years!

Sam, Thank you for your work!!!


I have the same problem…

I am also seeing crashes with hidef (720P and 1080) content. The other problem I encounter is not being able to save changes to my configuration. If I change settings for my Confluence skin … like remote the Photos or Music tabs, they are back the next time I restart the ATV1. Anybody else?

I am liking what I see over all and look forward to playing more with it. Sam … thanks for all your hard work …

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.