Am I the only person a bit overwhelmed with all the things my Vero could do?

I haven’t noticed such discussions, but may have missed.

Folks here have been fabulous at helping with technical issues, which enabled me to get my Vero V configured and working, thus far purely as a video playback device from content I’ve put on a share.

I’m wondering what else (only if it’s comparatively straightforward) should I configure it to do?

Clearly folks in here talk about a lot of apps - is there a list somewhere of what they do?

Well not sure what you define as “apps”.

I guess the most typical Apps used on Vero are Kodi Addons. With the best descriptions can be found here Omega | Addons

Other than that apps that can be installed are Debian applications. While there the focus would be on command line or services as Vero by default doesn’t come with an X-Server (graphical frontend other than Kodi).

It would probably be advantageous to flip your logic around and figure out what you would like it to do that it isn’t already doing, and then search around for solution that could allow whatever that is to happen. Between Kodi and the underlying operating system there is a world of choices for services and tweaking but really most of these things are only going to be of interest in a subset of people. If you wanted an easy starter you might just go into add-on’s in Kodi and tell install from repository. You can browse around and read descriptions without installing anything. If you want to find out more likely whatever your looking at has a thread on Kodi’s forum and/or a github page with additional information. Kodi’s wiki is also not a bad place to get idea of things you can do.

In other words you probably shouldn’t expect a good answer if you asked simply “what should I eat” and it will produce suboptimal results to something more specific like I “I’m interested in suggestions for Tex-Mex dishes I should try.”

If it does what you want it to do, I’d relax.

We’ve a lot planned for OSMC and capabilities will expand. But at the end of the day our focus is to provide the best video and audio reproduction possible, and that’s what we do. So if you are enjoying your TV, then you’re getting exactly what you intended to purchase and what we intended to sell you.

And as always, we are here to help with any questions

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A colleague spoke to me and said that normally I encourage people to experiment with things and that is indeed the case. But usually that’s when someone has a plan for what they want to do. You can do a lot with the device, but if your content, then I wouldn’t worry about what others are doing with the device.

The good news with the Vero is that you can’t brick it. So if you do want to customise things, you will in the worst case earn yourself a reinstall and have to start from scratch (outlined here: Reinstalling OSMC - Vero V - OSMC).


Thanks @fzinken, @darwindesign and @sam_nazarko all very helpful.

I’ve certainly been in the add ons and had a look, indeed two of you helped me getting some of them set up.

I’m an old git and long since past the time where experimenting to get stuff going was a pleasure, so certainly the last advice is very appropriate for me :blush: