Amazon Fire TV stick remote Support

Hi, i bought for 15 bucks a month ago, a cheap awesome amazon remote (Fire TV remote) for my RP2 with this bluetoooth dongle. (sorry for the french link)

I’ved install bluetooth and then i create a “keymap.xml” file from this page (the first keymap).

Then i’ved try to select it from osmc but i couldn’t select it from the menu,

maybe i’ve done something wrong ?

What is the path location for the sd card (where i install OSMC)

i’m sorry for my poor english and thank you so much for your amazing OS, i were before on Openelec, but i switch like a month back to your OS for Raspbian and i’ve install Plex + Transmission.

Thank You.

For the location of the config files checking the wiki would have helped

The remote.xml files for the Fire TV Stick that you are linking to will not work on OSMC unfortunately - they are designed for use on a Fire TV Stick running Android.

This because a Fire TV Stick remote on an Android device acts as though it is a keyboard device (generates keyboard scan codes) while on OSMC it acts as a remote control, thus the remote.xml needs to be modified.

Does the remote work at all for you ? The remote.xml only changes the mapping of the buttons to be a bit more useful but isn’t required for it to work.

You could try downloading the remote.xml that I rewrote for OSMC for the Fire TV Stick remote here: