Amazon & Netflix on PI

A german IT Newspaper just wrote an article how to use amazon & netflix on the pi.

It’s Kodi based, but they discribe it with libreelec - my question is now - could this also be ported to osmc?

These options should arrive with Kodi 18.

Its already ported to OSMC 18 nightlies.

v18 is a long way from being released so if you plan to run this expect breakages.

According to the article the interface used is inputstream.adaptive and this is implemented in the current libreelec alpha - this is using kodi 17 beta 7… so do we have to wait for v18? Can someone investigate in this?

From the article you quoted "Nach der Installation einer Alpha-Version von Kodi 18 und den Amazon- und Netflix-Addons "

you’re right. But i like osmc very much, so why don’t try to inlcude this in some of the next releases?

Because we are not going to push unstable alpha builds to the thousands of OSMC users who expect a stable system. Be patient or find another way.

i understand… i also don’t want a alpha release, i just wanted to point out, that there seems to be a solution

And everything you’ve read or been told indicates that it will be available in v18. Enjoy the wait. Walk in a park, take up a new hobby, learn a new language. There are any number of things you can do with that time that would be more constructive than to badger OSMC after a perfectly reasonable answer has been provided. Maybe hassle Kodi into releasing v18 early? :wink:

The solution proposed in your mentioned article involves using an alpha version of Kodi. At least it should do, if it is accurate. @fzinken can read it and translate I am sure.

I am not aware of any other proper solution that will bring this to you earlier. OSMC are already providing test builds for v18, but we do indeed acknowledge that there may be breakage.

is it a fault to love oscm so much :slight_smile: i stop asking 'cause i understand :slight_smile: have a nice nigth

how can i access the test builds?

To be honest I am not sure if you just want to waste the time of the developers or you really want to bring value to OSMC (that you love so much).

If you want to test Netflix and Amazon on OSMC by using a alpha/test version of Kodi, which is exactly the same as the method described in the article (which is behind a paywall) for libreelec (actually articel points to this forum entry LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 18.0)) you just follow the simple steps installing OSMC and follow the steps described and shared to you here
[TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Raspberry Pi - #352 by gmc

As simple as that follow the steps and then follow the thread to work with the developers to fix issues that may exists in that version.

Has January update fixed this or provided a solution?


No January’s update remained on kodi 17, if you want to try netflix or amazon you need kodi 18. Development testing build for kodi 18 are available, instructions in the topic linked by gmc in the post above.

Thanks Tom.

Ok, thanks Tom!

Is KODI 18 available in february update?

No, Kodi 18 is still in early stages of development.

Kodi v18 has been available (as a test build) for some time.
It is not stable yet however, which is why it has not been released as part of a regular OSMC update.