Amazon Prime with Kodi 19

Hi all,

currently my Amazon Prime plugin does not work anymore on Kodi 19 (Mediacenter needs to be restarted after trying to watch a video). Not sure when this started, but Netflix still works.

I’ve read several posts regarding Amazon Prime not working anymore, mostly it is about reinstalling preparations or another version of widevine, sometimes it is about Amazon cut something off. Sometimes the posts are years old and thus not really relevant anymore. It’s quite confusing.

Does anybody know the current state? Is it currently possible to get Amazon Prime working with Kodi 19 on a Vero4k/+?

Thanks for any input.

PS: I am not asking about debugging my setup, that’s why i am not attaching any logs. I am asking about the general possibility to get it working.

Since I’m not a prime user, I’ve no real experience to draw from, but a few weeks back I read somewhere about Sandman’s plugin not working, but the development version did check out the git of the addon for a beta/work in progress version.

There were changes to libwidevine, but Sam has made the needed changes So in short the problem lies between Amazon servers and Kodi video playback, ie Sandman’s addon.

Hope this helps

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I just watched Borat on Amazon prime on my Vero4k+ so status… working.

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Do these Netflix and Amazon Prime addons support 4K resolutions?

Currently only 720p, higher resolutions might be possible after a future OSMC update which would allow a higher “trust level”

BTW, AMZN prime don’t work with VPN

On the Vero 4K(+) Netflix is, for practical purposes, limited to 720p. (Low bit-rate 1080p VP9 will also play okay, but I think 720p/h.264 looks better). Amazon maxes out at 960x540.

This isn’t a limitation of the add-ons, it’s a licensing issue, partly to do with running Widevine on an open source operating system, and partly to do with the device not being certified by Netflix. The last time Sam commented on this, he thought there was a reasonable chance we might one day see useable 1080p playback on Netflix, but definitely not 4K. There is a possibility that future OSMC devices might support 4K.

On other devices (running Android) the same add-ons support 4K HDR10 or Dolby Vision in Netflix and Disney+, and 1080p in Amazon.

Thanks everybody.

I removed everything including manually removing the folders and installed again and afterwards it worked. Was just reinstalling before, without the complete removal of the amazon-plugin folder. Must have been something with my settings.

Strange that it stopped working sometimes in september.