Amazon VOD Plugin

I’m not even sure if it’s possible to get help on this webpage with Plugins but I figured I would try in hopes that someone else might have ran into this issue when using OSMC.

I’m trying to get the Amazon VOD plugin to work on OSMC. I’m not exactly sure what to use a the “Playback with” option…

The choices are…

  1. Browser (chrome, IE, firefox, safari)
  2. Script/Batch
  3. Android
  4. Input Stream

Any idea what I should be using when running OSMC?

IIRC it should be input stream. Are you running Leia? Otherwise it will not work. Check the Netflix addon section. Pretty much what you need for Netflix is also required for Amazon VOD (input stream, widevine…)

We do provide support for add-ons, provided they are legitimate.

Often it is the case however that add-on developers can help you better.

As @nrosier says: you need to be running Kodi v18, which is still experimental, for this to work.

If you are talking about Netflix Add-on [input-stream] then the instructions are lacking… Android (check), Windows (check), Linux (coming soon).

Well you’re asking this question on this forum so I would suggest you look in this forum as well. @joakim_s described how to install all the necessary dependencies somewhere on this forum.

Thanks @nrosier. You gave me my answer in your other post. Either upgrade to nightly builds or say goodbye to the Amazon VOD and Netflix plugins. I’ll just wait for v18 to be stable and OSMC to support it.

I’ve got Leia on 1 Vero4K running just for testing. It’s the one we use least so it’s no big deal if something breaks. I’ve use both Netflix and Amazod VOD on it and it’s working nicely.
Also waiting for v18 to become stable so I can start using VOD on all my devices.