Amber skin is not compatible

… with the latest release of osmc (was working well in aplha 4). I can install it manually but the skin settings are inactive, I cannot fine tune it from gui. Is there something broken with the latest osmc or it is up to the skin maker to make it compatible? I updated my pi2 through ssh.

Amber is no longer in the Kodi official repo because the author did not keep the skin up to date when Helix was being released. (It was marked as incompatible for a long time then removed - I stopped using Amber last year because it wasn’t being kept up to date) This is nothing to do with OSMC but with Kodi Helix.

Having said that, version 1.6.0 seems to work in Helix after a fashion. You can’t get to Skin Settings via Appearance in Amber - however just go to settings then Skin Settings directly rather than via XBMC->Appearance->Skin->Settings.

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you can download the latest (v2.0.12) Amber Skin here.

Just click on Download Zip and put the ZIP-File where OSMC can reach it, then go the usual way to install a Add-on via Zip-File. Voila.

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Yup, using that one as well … for ages actually :smile: