Amber skin or Couchpotato not showing recently added

I have RP2, OSMC with the Amber skin, and I use Sonarr for TV, and CouchPotato for movies.
When I add a new episode, I see it in Kodi as “Recently Added”, both on the main screen, and under the catagory “Recently Added”. The problem is, the movies that are added, seem to be getting a different date. Perhaps the date they were created and uploaded to UseNet? But unless you know what you are looking for, it takes scrolling through almost 2k movies to find what I recently added.

Any ideas how to have it show the date actually added, and not…whatever else it is showing?

Any ideas?

As this is almost certainly an issue specific to Amber, have you tried contacting the author of Amber over in the skins section of the forum ?

Check out dateadded in advancedsettings.xml see here

I will try to reach out to them.

I’ll check that, too, Dilligaf.
I assume I have to pull the SC card and plug it into my PC to be able to access that xml file?


You could install Samba and then have access to your kodi directory via a network share, or you could log in with SSH and use something like nano (simple text editor) to edit the file directly in Linux. (I prefer the latter)

A long time in replying, I know, but wanted to come back and report what the solution was.
It has been addressed on other forums, only worded differently and reported better than I did, because people knew what they were talking about :wink:

The issue was, the date on the NBZ files were being kept when the files were unpacked and moved into my directories, so Kodi was seeing those “Modified Dates” and putting them way down in the list of files when browsing “By Date Added”. The solution was to go to Special Settings on SABnbzd and enable “Ignore_Unrar_Dates” and then SAB will update the files inside to the date unpacked. I expect the reason it wasn’t consistently off, was because I had some episodes and movies being downloaded as torrents through uTorrent, so those were being updated by default.