Ambilight system on the Pi2?

Hi guys! How many of you have managed to get some kind of amblight system running? I have been doing a lot of searching about but it does not seem very straight forward. Also what is better, boblight or hyperion?

Thanks in advance

Hyperion is easy to setup.
Get some apa102 or ws2801 leds.
Also you will need a suitable 5v dc supply

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thanks bud, so hyperion should definitely work on the pi2 with osmc? Are there any guides anywhere at all? I will start looking into it :slight_smile:

Yes. Have it working with a pi2 and a pi3.
If you have problems, just tell me.
You need to use the spi interface of the pi with a good config for hyperion (use hyperconf with a desktop pc).

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Great! thanks I will see how I get on :slight_smile:
What LED’s did you use? I think I have some WS2801 strips but I have read that the APA ones are more recommend? Thanks again

If you have them, you can use them.
Not recommended are the ws2812(b,c) strips as they require strict timing, that cannot be produced by a multitasking os like linux on the raspberry. They would need additional hardware like an arduino.

As long as you have a strip with four lines (vdd, ground, data, clock) you should be fine and do not need any additional hardware except for a powersupply that can handle the current needed for the strip. To calculate a safe value, you can take 0.06A for a single led on the strip.
For a strip with 60leds/m you would need 3.6 (better 4) Ampere per meter. Normally those strips are driven at 5V.
The apa strips run at 5V logic level. That means, that the Pi could have problems with feeding data to them as its logic level voltage is 3.3V.
For me this causes no problems with about 3m and 60leds/m of apa102 leds.
If you have flickering or instabilities even with a good powersupply, you might need a 3.3->5V levelshifter in between.

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Ws2812 (and similar clone) leds work fine with the Pi and Hyperion.

I wrote the spi based driver for Hyperion and it’s been rock solid - Ws281x SPI connection device type | Page 3 | Hyperion - Forum

Timing is not a problem - I use the spi drivers dma capability.


Thank you both!

I definaiately have some ws2812b strips somewhere too, maybe I will test those out as I would rather use them than the ws2801. Just had a read through that thread @penfold42 lots of info - do I have to do anything special or just connect the DI port of the leds to the SPI_MOSI pin on the Pi and configure with hypercon as normal?

Thanks again :smiley:

Nice. Thought interrupts cause a lot of trouble but good to know that it works with dma.

Yep - MOSI on the Pi to DI on the led strip.

You might need a level shifter but many people don’t.

The only issues I’ve seen is some dynamic over clocking settings messing with the core clock frequency (which messes with the spi clock)

How much resource does running Hyperion take from a Pi? Do you guys notice any degredation in video quality as the processor tries to do too much at once?

Alson, anyone tried this on a Pi1?

Older versions of Hyperion worked ok on the pi1. (in development ) seems a bit worse on CPU load so I wouldn’t recommend a pi1 for it.

I have a lightberry kit (with ws2801 led stripe) and i would like to change it with APA102.
There is a GPIO converter but i don’t know what it is for.