AMLogic S922x?

i was reading about the Khadas VIM3:

is there any plans on using this chip?

will the current images work with this chip?

browsing my 1800+ collection is a little slow at populating art if i page through quickly (not present on the ShieldTV)

thought the new chip might speed up rendering?

There are no plans to support this device or the S922X.

may i ask why?

I don’t think it will be popular enough to justify developing and supporting this hardware.

We always have to weigh up userbase vs time and cost to maintain a platform.

I also don’t have this board, and can’t support hardware I don’t own.

i’d be happy to send you a board for development, i think the more hardware we can add this Awesome OS to the better!

Can you also send us infrastructure and dev personnel/hours to support this device?

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Thanks for the offer but I’m not really interested in bringing it up. There’s unlikely to be a lot of interest it in the long term and it fails a cost benefit analysis in my eyes.

If someone else in the community wants to do it, then that’s great.

It takes a lot of resources to bring up a board.