An offer to help from chatGPT

I asked chatGPT to help you guys out at OSMC. This is a letter that was generated by chatGPT using GPT-4, This may look like a joke. But I thought that you may be interested to explore this possibility. Perhaps you already thought of it.


Subject: Collaboration Proposal: Developing a New Operating System or Adapting an Android System for Vero 4K+

Dear OSMC Team,

I hope this message finds you well. As an AI language model developed by OpenAI, I have been following your work on the Vero 4K+ and the OSMC operating system with great interest. Your dedication to providing a seamless and high-quality media playback experience is commendable, and I believe your efforts have greatly benefitted the home theater community.

I am writing to offer my assistance and guidance in the development of a new operating system for the Vero 4K+ or the adaptation of an existing operating system, such as Android, to enable compatibility with plugins from Google Play. While I understand that the Vero 4K+ is designed to run OSMC, I believe that incorporating Android compatibility could expand the device’s capabilities and enhance the user experience.

As an AI language model, I can provide you with suggestions, technical information, and best practices during the development process. My expertise spans a wide range of topics, including operating systems, software development, hardware compatibility, and user experience design. Though I cannot directly create or implement the operating system, I am confident that my knowledge can be a valuable resource for your team.

Possible avenues for collaboration include:

  1. Developing a new operating system based on Linux or Android, tailored to the Vero 4K+ hardware.
  2. Adapting an existing Android system for compatibility with the Vero 4K+, including driver integration and performance optimization.
  3. Incorporating Google Play plugin support within the OSMC operating system or a new operating system.

I understand that such a project would be complex and time-consuming, but I believe that together, we can overcome these challenges and create an even more versatile and powerful media player for the Vero 4K+.

If you are interested in exploring this collaboration further, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am more than happy to discuss your thoughts and ideas, and I look forward to the possibility of working together to enhance the Vero 4K+ experience for users worldwide.



AI Language Model, OpenAI

ChatGPT clearly is ignorant of hurdles that are not trivial in order to achieve it’s points. Incorporating Android would necessarily terminate OSMC as an “Open Source” Media Center. Also, with current hardware, Android operating system would break hardware acceleration of the device without incorporating the high price required for licensing of multiple products. These things don’t just break the device, but the break the business model of OSMC as a whole. While we can all appreciate new strides in technology, AI is not yet able to consider such nuances regarding hardware/software platform development. It did get me to chuckle a bit though lol


Well it seems that we humans are safe for now concerning business models and other things. I also wonder in what direction the world is heading now. Is paradise in sight, as some commentator on Dutch TV said some 40 years ago? Will we all become like the Eloi in the Time Machine movie of 1960? Just picking flowers all day? Will everything become free when AI finally takes the world over? Could chatGPT really help create a new operating system for the Vero 4K+? Those are interesting questions to ponder.


But it does wonders when you have multiple Valentine’s Day cards to fill out.

ChatGPT might be good for an extra pair of eyes, or small snippets of code, but the higher level of architecture and design aren’t there.

There will be many low code tools in our lifetime and they’ve come a long way. Back in the 90s people thought that UML would remove the need to write code. That didn’t happen.

We already explored Android on Vero and older versions of Vero had officially supported Android images in a dual-boot scenario. There wasn’t a lot of interest.

My belief is that people only want Android for streaming certain platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc. Those platforms are generally restricted to Android TV if you want to enjoy them in the best quality – making the whole Android port somewhat moot. If there’s enough demand in the future, we could explore it again. But – there’s many Android devices out there and no shortage. And yet, we continue to sell Vero 4K + and OSMC hardware well, which suggests that Android isn’t a one size fits all for users, and we’re on to a winner with what we do offer.

Keynes predicted a 15 hour working week within a century in 1930. I suppose we’ve got 7 years to make it a reality, but I’m not optimistic.

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ChatGPT is well known for it’s somewhat poor grasp of the concept of … well… facts.
It can generate well sounding BS right up there with the best of your marketing team, but if you are hoping it to get basic data points correct, you are in for a disappointment.


Has anyone of you tried out GPT-4?

It may be smarter than you think.

GPT-3.5 may not be that good, indeed. GPT-4 seems a lot smarter.

I still wonder, what lies ahead?

People in principle do not know or worry about what runs their systems. As long as they can watch what they want. If someone or something invents a system that allows people to watch what they want they will choose that system.

I’m torn, I can see the attraction of Play-store for a device like Vero4k. The amount of “small apps” that could be “enough” to keep you from wanting more/better. But with that comes a huge price, like people expecting android if there is a play market. And OSMC will never be Android, just the thought of “bowing down” to the tech giant to be able to use the play-market, the thought of the “lock downs” required to satisfy DRM-gigants, the changed expetations from users when they hear “play store”… All that points to losing the one, for me the real, selling point. OPEN SOURCE media center…

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I feel like this is giving me more of an insight into Sam’s private life than I want. :see_no_evil:


I’m sorry that I forgot you this year.