Anaglyph support for OSMC

I am able to play 3DSBS as anaglyph using OMXPlayer in raspbian on my raspberry2. However when I try to play the same file using OSMC, I only see the stereoscopic 3d option and monoscopic 2d modes. There is no anaglyph option. Is there a way I can play 3D sbs as anaglyph using OSMC?


Not supported.

It did appear in nightly test builds around the time it was added to omxplayer, but was dropped due to lack of interest.
In fact your post is the first time I’ve even seen anyone report using anaglyph in omxplayer (and it was added nine months ago).

Thanks for the clarification. Its a bit incovenient to play anaglyph 3D by first booting into rasbian and then using omx player from the command line. Would be good to have a version which works with my TV remote.

Forgive my ignorance, but do you think it is possible to build a custom version of Kodi/OSMC with anaglyph support along the lines of

If so I can try it out.